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Civility and Civil Public Discourse: On-line Tools For Collaboration Rather Than Complaint

The fourth video we have sponsored in support of the American Bar Association’s Mediation Week looks at how on-line communication has affected our political discourse, and new platforms that foster more civil discourse.     The video, “On-line Tools For Collaboration Rather Than Complaint”  features a discussion between Sarah Read of The Communications Center, Inc. and Scott Christianson from Kaleidoscope Consulting and VTC Stream.  We invite you to look at several of the sites discussed in the video, including:

White House Open Initiative

Democratizing Data

Manor Labs

Albemarle, VA

Results Minneapolis

Two sites that publish useful studies about online platforms that government entities can use for collaboration include the IBM Business of Government site, and the Knight Commission site which focuses on the information needs of communities in a democracy.

Talk with others about promoting more civil discourse on-line and integrating on-line participation with your systems of government.  We also invite you to share your comments and experiences by using the comment feature on this blog.

All videos were recorded using VTC Stream.  Find out more about this technology at vtcstream.com.  You can use the “embed and share” link to the right of the video to post this to your website or other location.