We believe in the new politics of partnership and collaboration.  With this approach, government leaders proactively work to inform, educate, and involve citizens on how to best move their community forward.  When citizens are invited to help both define and resolve difficult community issues, communities usually find better and more sustainable solutions.    We have a workbook for cities, counties, and other communities which can help you in this work.

Download “A Metaphor From the Midwest”

You can download a pdf of all of the posts in the Metaphor From The Midwest series on our  Facilitation Analytics site.

Downloads Related to The Civic Health Diagnostic Workbook

Articles from The Communications Center

Engagement Resources

Engagement Websites

Presentation from 2012  ASPA (Evergreen Chapter) Conference on Civil Discourse

Presentation from 2011 Central Indiana Association of Government Accountants Professional Development Conference

Presentation from MML 2011 Annual Conference

Meeting Guide Handouts From The 2011 MML Elected Officials Training

Handouts From The 2010 Missouri APA Conference

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