Civility and Civil Public Discourse: What’s Faith Got To Do With It?

The third video we have sponsored in support of the American Bar Association’s Mediation Week looks at the role religion has played in our current partisan divides and could play in promoting and supporting civil discourse.  The video, “Civility and Civil Public Discourse: What’s Faith Got To Do With It?” features an interview with two retired ministers from The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Reverend Larry Veatch and Reverend John Yonker who discuss why and how people of faith care for, and learn from, each other even as they explore their differences.  We invite you to show this video in your own faith community and invite further discussion.  Here are some questions you might ask the group to consider: what are the traditions in your own faith regarding faith and politics? what texts support civil discourse? what in the video resonated or raised concerns?  how do we as people of faith share our values and also honor our country’s tradition of separation of church and state? We invite you to share your comments and experiences by using the comment feature on this blog.

All videos were recorded using VTC Stream.  Find out more about this technology at  You can use the “embed and share” link to the right of the video to post this to your website or other location.

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